“Firsts” in Madrid

So, this week was a lot of “firsts” for me.  At the beginning of the weak, I was walking to the supermercado in between classes to grab some lunch with my friend Alyssa. As we were walking I started to see white stuff falling from the sky. At first I thought it was dust falling form the building, and then I thought it was just light rain. After Alyssa assured me that it wasn’t rain, I looked even closer and IT WAS SNOWING!! Yup, my first time seeing snow fall from the sky!! I stopped walking and took it all in. Although it was like barely snowing, I was still so excited!! I know I will never forget that moment–the FIRST time I saw snow fall from the sky.

Also this week was my FIRST time being sick in a foreign country! Yes, I am excited about this.   I have started to look at everything I do as an experience.  Whether it be a fun experience, learning experience, or miserable experience, each one contributes to shaping me throughout this incredible journey. Well, I got sick and went into one of the Farmacias to get some medicine. They are like doctors in there. They ask about your symptoms and basically prescribe you what you need on the spot! Also, the medicine here is super cheap. I got a bottle of Ibuprofino for 1 euro and an antibiotic for my eye for only 2 euros! Nothing can beat that.

I also got my first manicure in a foreign country for the FIRST time! Yes, they are still vietnamese women running the nail salons, but they still don’t speak English. So, my friend Caprice and I went into the salon and tried to explain in our spanglish that we wanted “Gel” manicures. In spain, they are called manicura permanente.  When she tried to explain to us, in spanish, that this is what we were talking about we still didn’t believe her because we heard the word permanent and kind of got freaked out. Anyways, we gave in and just went along with it–I mean how wrong can you go with manicures. Well, she was right and it was exactly what we had wanted!

Tomorrow will be my FIRST Valentine’s Day away from home. Our entire residence is doing a “secret valentine” gift exchange tomorrow at dinner before we all head off to our FIRST trip out of Spain–to Lisbon, Portugal. Valentines Day is celebrated here in Spain, but definitely not to the extent like the States. No decorations are sold in the supermercados but you can definitely find some flowers!!

All of these FIRSTS in Madrid have helped me appreciate the small things on this journey. I am taking nothing for granite. Rather I am taking every little detail (even being sick) as an opportunity to be appreciative for what I am experiencing. Nothing can beat these FIRSTS and I know that if I were to be experiencing these firsts somewhere else, my experience would be nothing like it is today. Thanks to my family and friends again for their everlasting support (emotionally and financially) on this amazing adventure. I AM THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!

besos y abrazos




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