Fútbol en Madrid


   Last night, was my first ever professional fútbol game! On Tuesday, my friend Kat and I ventured over to the stadium to see if there were any tickets on sale for Wednesday’s game against Barcelona. As soon as I got to the ticket counter, I knew my spanish would be put the test. After formulating enough spanish sentences for the man to understand, he finally pointed out seats that were available and they seemed to be okay seats for a decent price, so we bought them. Little did we know these seats would be literally on the field!!! Before the game yesterday, about 10 of us headed over to the stadium to tailgate and drink a couple hours before the game. As we started walking we hear this crowd of people yelling, “puto barca! puto barca!” So, we walked toward the crowd. While we were standing there, chanting along and taking pictures, a bus appears. It was the bus with all the Real Madrid players!!! (video on facebook) Everyone freaked out! We were literally three feet from the entire team. All of the players on the bus looked so casual and relaxed. Us fans on the other hand were ready to go! After my friend Kat shed some tears, from seeing Ronaldo (the best player on the team), we decided to head over to our seats. Kat, my friend Melissa, and I were separated from the rest of the group because we had bought tickets later. But, it turned out in our favor because we got the better seats. We enter the stadium and walked to our seats. It turned out that our seats were 18 rows from the field!! We went down to the field before the game, took some pictures, and took it all in. I still cannot believe that I was able to sit that close!

Kat and I on the field!! (dyingg)

Kat and I on the field!! (dyingg)

Me thinking, "is this real life?"

Me thinking, “is this real life?”

The game started and we began to realize what an incredible atmosphere these games are. This sport is HUGEEE in Europe, specifically Spain. If one person started a chant, the entire crowd would chime in and eventually the entire stadium would be singing a song, or chanting a chant. It was interesting to see that there was no announcer (announcing things to the crowd), and there was no big screen to watch the game (you only watched what was going on in front of you). This puts so much emphasis on the game itself, no distractions. The famous chant, especially because it was against Madrid’s rival, Barcelona, was “puto barcaaa…putooo barcaaa!” (Cant really tell you what it means, but let’s just say it is not very nice). Also, being able to watch Messi, the best player to ever play this sport, was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I know I will never forget. The calmness and footwork in his game is spectacular, and to see it up close, and literally see his sweat, was beyond amazing. As the game went on, Barca scored first (see pic below) and as the celebrated you could tell the fans were getting anxious. But in the 38th or so minute, Madird came back and scored!!! The game ended in a tie, but I was glad I could see both these teams score.

After the game, we met back up with the group and headed over to an irish pub to celebrate the experience. The night was a night that will definitely go down in the books. It was an unforgettable experience. I am so thankful I am able to have this experience. I learn more and more about myself everyday and am in love with every second of it. I have made the best of friends and this experience is probably the best decision I have ever made in my entire life! Love you all, thanks for reading! Keep checking for more updates!!

Besos y abrazos,


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