Colegio y Cultura en Madrid

Well, it is the second week of classes and so far I am loving it. I am taking an international business class, a business communication class, an intercultural class and a spanish culture class.  Some of these are in spanish and others are not. The first time I walked into my spanish culture class, I was late (I got lost getting off the metro, perusual) and walked in only to be drilled with questions in spanish in front of the entire, fluent, class. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, or what he was asking me. But, I gladly made a fool of my terrible spanglish and answered what I thought he was asking me and moved on. The professors here talk SOOOOO fast and their lisps are really thick. But, I know that these challenges (with the lisps and fast talkers) will only further me in immersing myself into this incredible culture and aid my attempt to become fluent.  Usually in between my classes I stay on campus or walk around the area (where other spanish universities are) and explore. Most of us don’t leave in between classes because 1. it is a waste of a metro ride and 2. there is not enough time. Seeing all the spanish students go to class on the metro every morning is quiete interesting. You can catch glances as to what book they are reading, what they are studying, or where they are studying. The spanish university system is much different than the American one. The campuses are not as big as you would think (nothing like a UC or Cal State) but are still beautiful. None of the spaniards use binders or notebooks rather you will see each one of them carrying an accordion folder with them to class and cute purse or satchel. Well,  I am done with classes for today, and will soon be on my way to book my Barcelona trip!!!

So far, I AM OBSESSED with Madrid. The city literally never sleeps. Every single person on the street is dressed to perfection, clean cut, and skinny! The men here, young old, ancient, are so put together and handsome. The spaniards are fit to perfection. Who knows, maybe I will find my spanish soulmate! HAHA. Anyways, I wake up every morning to this incredible view of the city and cannot believe that I am living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The thought of leaving here already makes me upset. I have made some of the best of friends (who all go to school in Boston) so the thought of leaving them also makes me upset. But, there is no time to waste dreading the end.

For my latest culture update, I have noticed that spaniards eat very little at meals. The portion sizes here are tiny! Typically there is no breakfast here. You get either a small muffin or some fruit for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are the bigger meals. On the weeknights dinner is the biggest meal and people eat a lighter lunch, and then on the weekends, lunch is the biggest meal and dinner is lighter. Sometimes at a bar if you order drinks it comes with free tapas, so us broke Americans will sometimes eat free tapas for dinner and just order drinks.  American food here is really expensive.  A small jar of peanut butter is about 6 euros which is about $8! So none of us really eat or use the american products (even though we would love to).  The spaniards I live with get one extra meal than the Americans (usually they get served lunch on weekdays and dinners on weekends, and we dont get those meals). So, about two days ago, the Americans were not getting served dinner, but the spaniards were. I walked into the dining area to grab a glass of water and Diego (one of the spaniards) says, “Alli, venga! Quieres?” And sitting in front of him was this delicious looking, AMERICANIZED, pizza. So, I took a bite (because I was starving because we didn’t get dinner) and made the face. You know, the face when you eat something so tasty! Anyways, about five minutes later, each spaniard had eaten about two slices of their pizzas and handed the rest out to each American. IT WAS TOO SWEET! My roommate, Laura, came in with hers and said in her English accent, “we want to feed you americans!” HAHA. Later it turned out that they were still hungry but went to a burger king to clench their hunger, because they wanted to share their dinner with us Americans.  These are the type of people spaniards are. Gracious, kind, and outgoing. We all love each other and get along really well and I can’t imagine my experience without them. Now, I am heading out to a travel agency to go book my Barcelona trip and then tonight, I know some festivities will occur. Thanks for reading!!

Muchos besos y abrazos!!


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