Culture Update

Being here for about a week and a half I have picked up on things that are specific to the spanish culture. First, everything is done about two hours later here than in America.  People do not wake up early (plus it stays dark outside until about 8:30 am everyday). Spaniards eat lunch between about 2pm and 4pm and then the stores close from 2pm-5pm for a “siesta” or nap period.  Dinner is served at around 9 or 10, earliest, every night. Because dinner is served so late, you do not go out to the bars or clubs until about 1 or 2 am.  Happy hour here is from 10pm to midnight, whereas happy hour in the states is probably around 5pm.  So, the other night when us Americans were leaving a club at 2 am, the spaniards were just arriving–something we are starting to get used to.  So, my culture update for now is that I am starting to realize how late this city is. Madrid is somewhat kicking my butt in the sleep department.  Spaniards never sleep.  Everything involves drinking or staying up super late for some odd reason. But I can officially say, I AM IN LOVE!!!  Anyways, I write this as I get ready for un siesta.  Son las cinco aqui en madrid y necesito una siesta pronto!  Gracias ustedes para leyendo mi blog!

besos y abrazos




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